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Korean-American entertainer Amy has revealed that she has decided not to return to the United States but would head to China instead following her exile from South Korea.

In 2012, she was caught using Propofol. She was then sentenced eight months in jail and became under probation for two years.

Later, in 2014, she was caught abusing the drug Zolpidem, which is commonly used to treat insomnia, and was fined 5,000,000 won. Amy was then ordered to leave country by March of 2015. However, she was unable to accept the terms and have decided to appeal to the court’s decision. In November 27, a judge has dismissed her appeal following her deportation case. Amy eventually complied with the deportation order and have decided to go to China.

On December 4, Amy reveals through an interview with media outlet Ilgan Sports, “I do not know any Chinese word, and I do not know anything about living in China. However, I intend to find a way of life while learning the language little by little as well as adjusting to the lifestyle in there.”

Amy also reveals that her family and friends are worried about her, “They ask me, ‘Won’t your past come back and haunt you?’, since China is strict regarding substance abuse. However, I want to restore my honor, so I am going to a country which is so strict on drug laws so I would not be tempted.”

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