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American artist Jessica H. Lee claims that her artwork was used without her permission for the album cover of IU’s “Chatshire.”

On the American artist’s blog post, she details the similarities with her own artwork to the artwork of IU’s cover. Despite the sketches not being exactly the same, Lee notes that the style of drawing as well as the coloring are extremely similar.

Jessica H. Lee comparison 1

Moreover, the artist writes that following her research, she found out that the artist who made the album artwork was someone who had gotten in touch in with her for a different project in the past.

Lee then reached out to the illustrator to which the illustrator admitted that she had used Lee’s art as inspiration regarding the “overall tone and manner” of the artwork.

However, after Lee consults with her colleagues, they thought that the similarities were too close to be just a ‘tone’ or ‘manner.’

Finally, Lee writes, “I respect IU’s work and talent, and I am hoping that she did not know this happened. It was important for me to address this issue because an entire year of work went into creating these pieces for my Graduate Thesis. As a fellow artist, I’m sure IU respects the authenticity and integrity of one’s creation, and I hope to keep the originality of my artwork. I wrote this post hoping to raise awareness and get companies to talk more about their design inspirations and give credit to the network of hard working artists that created the work.”

Check out Jessica H. Lee’s full post here!


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