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During the airing of the MBC‘s ‘Radio Star last March 4,’ f(x)’s Amber revealed that she was asked about by her lesbian friends a lot and talked about her ideal type of man.

Kyuhyun started the conversation by confessing that even Sulli, who has been with Amber since f(x)’s debut, would sometimes refer to Amber as “oppa” to which Yoon Jong Shin added, “Amber is kind of boyish and sometimes there are girls who prefer boyish girls.” 


When Kim Gu Ra asked Amber if she has been asked by girls to go out , Amber replied nonchalantly, “I’ve received a lot and I also have a lot of friends who are [lesbians]. There are a lot in America. They would ask me coolly, ‘You know I’m here when you change your mind, right?'”

Moreover, Amber affirmed that she likes guys and confesses that her ideal type is someone who looks really cold and rude on the outside, but has a cute smile.

When the MCs asked, “So is Jay Park your ideal type?” Amber reluctantly answered back, “He’s kind of a gangster..” Then started to apologize frantically to Jay Park for stating her true feelings on-air. Amber then picked Orlando Bloom as her celebrity ideal type to give an example.

Nevertheless, ,’ Amber will also talked about her close relationship with fellow SM idol Henry as well as GOT7‘s Jackson on this week’s episode of ‘Radio Star,’ Watch for it!!!