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f(x) member Amber apologizes to the fans using her Twitter account for her comments towards her close friends Henry and Jay Park.

On May 2, Amber used and her Twitter account and wrote, “I want to write this for those who may have misunderstood. My tongue slipped. I want to apologize for what I have done and will take full responsibility for it. I wasn’t really thinking of what comes in my mouth. I really do play around with the people who are close to me, I don’t want them to get hurt because of this.”

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Amber has written the apology for Super Junior’s Henry for calling him ‘trash’ recently.

On the recent broadcast of variety show “Happy Together”, where Amber and Henry appeared as guests, Amber had jokingly said, “People should know that he is trash,” referring to Henry.


Amber had also appeared in an episode of talk show program “Radio Star” which she talked about her ideal type. She described her ideal type as someone “Cold and rude outside but is really cute when he smiles,” the shows MC Kim Gu Ra then asked if she was referring to Jay Park, to which Amber replied, “He is kind of a bully.” She also added, “Sorry Jay.”


Many fans have criticized Amber for using those words, to which Amber posted again in her Twitter account and wrote, “I love my friends so much. Next time I will be careful. I promise.”

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