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Clazziquai’s Alex and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung confirms the reports regarding their relationship and revealed that they are still getting to know each other.

On a one-on-one interview with media outlet X Sports News, Hyunyoung reveals, “We are getting to know each other better right now. It is true that we are dating.”

The Rainbow member further reveals that their relationship has been official for a month and that they are slowly developing romantic feelings for each other. When she was asked if she likes Alex, Hyunyoung did not hesitate to answer, “Yes.”

Hyunyoung’s agency, DSP Media also issued an official statement and confirmed the dating news.

Meanwhile, Alex has also addressed the news through his agency by saying that he had nothing against going public with his relationship with Hyunyoung, however he was worried how it would affect an idol like her. His agency representative also reveals that out of consideration for Hyunyoung, they have been taking it slow and have tried to keep the relationship private.

Alex’s agency representative further reveals, “It has been a month since Alex and Hyunyoung have started going out. After being introduced to each other through a mutual acquaintance, they first keep in touch as a sunbae (senior) and a hoobae (junior). However, they soon started to develop warm feelings for each other.”

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The relationship of Alex and Hyunyoung has also been gathering attention due to their eight year age difference.


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