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Sibling duo Akdong Musician has been revealed to be making their comeback and member Chanhyuk to enlist in the military following their promotions.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk reveals that the duo would be making their comeback in April and that their second album has already fully recorded. Moreover, the CEO reveals Chanhyuk’s plans, “Boss, I am going to volunteer for military service following our next album. I am planning to join the Marines. Please, take care of my sister and make her a solo album while I am not around.”

To this Yang Hyun Suk jokingly responds, “You are too short for the Marines. You would not qualify.”

He further reveals that Chanhyuk wanted to apply for the Air Force or the Marines and thinks that if he goes, he would be surrounded by new environment which would then be an inspiration for him to create new lyrics.

The CEO also reveals that many months have passed since their conversation, but Chanhyuk’s mind has not changed at all.

Meanwhile, the duo is known for winning the talent show “K-pop Star 2.” Their latest album was their debut album “Play” which was released in April of 2014 with the lead tracks “200%,” “Melting” and “Give Love”. Suhyun also participated in a project group Hi Suhyun along with solo artist and label mate Lee Hi and released their single “I’m Different” in November of 2014.


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