Home » Ailee talks about girl group concepts and featuring Yoon Mi Rae for “Home”

Solo singer Ailee reveals her thoughts about cute concepts and how she was able to get Yoon Mi Rae to feature for her lead track, “Home.”

On Ailee’s recent showcase for her new album, “A New Empire,” the soloist shares, “There are lots of cute concepts from girl groups these days. However, I am turning twenty-eight this year. I do not have the confidence to try a cute concept, and it also does not fit my personality, so I do not think that I could do it. I feel more comfortable with concepts that are gender neutral and powerful.”

With regards to her comeback, Ailee reveals, “This time, there are more sentimental songs. Back then, it was always a song about confronting and scolding the other person. However, this time, I do not criticize anyone.”

When asked about featuring Yoon Mi Rae for her lead track, “Home,” Ailee explains, “I kept on running into Yoon Mi Rae at broadcast stations, so we exchanged contacts. Back then, I told her that there is a song I would like to do with her. She then said that she would if I wanted to. Honestly, it was a different song back then. The track did not make it into the album, so I held onto the favor since I wanted a better track.”

She adds, “When the song that complemented sunbaenim’s voice came up, I got on my knees in the car and caller her. I asked her to feature and she said, ‘Of course, I will’ right away.”

Check out Ailee’s “Home” below!