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C&CO ENS, agency of actor Lee Jin Wook, responds to the recent sexual assault accusation.

On July 15, the police reveal that a woman in her early 30s has filed a sexual assault charge against the actor on July 14.

On July 14, the complainant known as “A” have reported the case through One Stop Center. After an investigation, the complaint was then transferred to Suseo Police Station.

After the police investigations on “A,” the police will then proceed to investigate Lee Jin Wook.

According to several reports, the actor and “A” were allegedly dating before the sexual assault accusation. An insider reveals, “‘A’ have recently dated him. But, they are not currently contacting each other.”

Another insider also reveals, “Lee Jin Wook was recently dating someone. But then this incident happened. Although Lee Jin Wook tried to contact her, she is not responding.”

The management agency of Lee Jin Wook, C&CO ENS, reveals, “There was no such incident. After confirming with Lee Jin Wook, he revealed that he does not know about it. We are quite taken aback, and we will find more details on the issue.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook is known for his roles on the dramas “Nine: Nine Time Travels,” “The Three Musketeers,” and “The Time We Were Not in Love.” He also recently starred in the MBC drama “Goodbye Mr. Black” and in the film “Time Renegade.”

The actor was supposed to attend an awards ceremony on July 15, but has decided to cancel his appearance due to the issue.

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