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After School member Nana burst into tears after she gets scolded once again for her speaking habits on the latest broadcast of “Real Men: Female Soldier Special.”

On the latest broadcast of the show, the drill sergeant asks her, “Why do think you were called out?” Nana then replies, “My head remembers however, my body does not follow.”

However, the drill sergeant got unsatisfied with her response and scolds her instead by saying, “The way you talk does not reflect instructor-like behavior.” The After School member then responds, “I do not think that I would get used to it yet.”

The drill sergeants then tells her, “If you are committed to the training, you should change your attitude first. You would get reprimanded if you act up once again.”


After the scolding that Nana got from the drill sergeant, she could not help but burst into tears. In the After School member then talks about her frustrations on the individual interview with the production crew by saying, “I have been putting a lot of effort in trying to fix the way that I talk. I often heard that I fool around a lot. It can’t be helped. However, it was really difficult for me.”

Meanwhile, the new season of MBC’s “Real Men: Female Soldier Special” also stars Gong Hyun Joo, SECRET’s Hyosung, FIESTAR’s Cao Lu, TWICE’s Dahyun, Lee Chae Young, Kim Sung Eun, and Kim Young Hee.


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