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Lee-Seung-Gi-So-Ji-Sub-cha-seung-won_1400163805_af_orgAnother YG Artist is on the hot issue now. Actor Cha Seung Won was reported to be sued by a man telling that Cha No Ah is his son and claiming that Cha No Ah is not the biological father of the Actor and he was hurt that Cha Seung Won is pretending that he was the real father and Cha No Ah was born after the actor married his ex-wife making him the biological father. Cha No Ah’s real father is demanding for a compensation of 100 million KRW (approx. 100,000 USD)

After a few hours, YG Entertainment released an official statement on October 6 stating:

22 years ago, Cha Seung Won married, and at the time, became one family with the 3-year-old son born between his wife and her ex-husband.

Cha Seung Won firmly believed in his heart that No-Ah was his son, and even now, does not regret his past choice.  In addition, his heart is greatly aching due to how his family may get hurt from these reports, but no matter what hardships may follow, he will protect his family to the very end.”


Cha No-Ah’s name has been familiar to netizens as well because he was stated as Cha Seung Won’s son before and also he has been into issues last year of causing some trouble.