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It’s very touching to see the A Pink members shed tears of joy and happiness as they wrapped up their first ever solo concert, ‘PINK PARADISE.’

Last  January 30, the ladies of A Pink were seen performing on stage with various hit numbers in front of huge crowd numbering to almost 7,000 fans at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park. It was such a remarkable and wonderful performances, giving their all with respect to their talents  with refreshing and lovely charms for their first solo concert. 

Before the concert reach to an end, , the members sent their love and gratefulness to their fans. Na Eun said, “It’s already the last [performance]. Time flew by so quickly. I am sad that our first concert came to an end so quickly. When I saw that the concert hall was packed after initially seeing an empty venue, I almost cried. I was so nervous that I almost couldn’t sing. There were a lot of mistakes, but thank you for enjoying it.” 

Another member , Eunji continued expressing her heart full of gratitude  for the fans for making her dream come true as she wiped away her tears. She said, “If you had asked me to draw my hopes for the future, it would be a picture of me standing on stage while the fans listen to our music. I wouldn’t have been able to think that I would be standing as one of the six members in A Pink in front of everyone. I can’t believe that my dream that only existed in my imaginations is right in front of me. Today is a true pink paradise. I said that I wanted this to become a memorable day, but I think it’s become a much more memorable moment for me. Thank you.”

While the most bubbly and cheerful  member, Bomi, was seen shedding tears also added, “Even when we won first place with ‘Love,’ and as we are holding a concert like this, I look back upon when I used to think when I would be able to hold a concert happily like today. I felt the love as I was coming up, meeting all of our fans. Thank you for making me happy. I believe in forever, and I believe that A Pink will be forever. I hope that you guys will root for us.

Lastly, Hayoung, being the youngest member said , “Thank you for coming out. To our parents who have given birth and raised us and to our fans who have supported us, Thank you. I love you.”