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A-JAX has been revealed to have become a 5-member group.

On February 5, a DSP Media representative revealed through the official A-JAX homepage that the group would be undergoing line-up changes. The representative reveals:

“Ji Hoo would pursue acting, while Jae Hyung and Sung Min would be doing the kind of music that they want to do. We would support them as they decide to go on their own paths towards their dreams. Since Ji Hoo and Sung Min have started their own path, as their management agency, we would do all that we can to support them.

Jae Hyung has decided to terminate his contract with the agency, we would also send him our support.

Moreover, a new member Joong Hee would be added to the group.

From now on, A-JAX would be promoting as Hyung Gon, Yoon Young, Seung Yup, Seung Jin and Joong Hee.

Please do support the new A-JAX as well as Ji Hoo, Sung Min and Jae Hyung since they would be going their new paths. We would not forget your love and care. We would do our best in the future to show great promotional activities for all of you.”

A-JAX debuted in 2012 with the track “One 4 U” and is known for their songs “Hot Game,” “Never Let Go,” and “2MYX.” Their latest release was their songs “Insane” and “Snake” in 2013.

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