Home » 4Minute’s Jihyun shares her thoughts on donating “Cube Festival” earnings to victims of Tianjin Explosions

4Minute leader Jihyun shares her thoughts on the group’s success in the Chinese market with “Crazy” and donating “Cube Festival” earnings to victims of Tianjin Explosions in China last August.

On September 1, Jihyun, along with Cube Entertainment representatives sat down for the press conference for “Cube Festival” concert which is set to be held in Shanghai, China at September 30.

When asked regarding 4Minute’s success of “Crazy” in the Chinese market, Jihyun responds, “I heard that ‘Crazy’ did well on the Chinese charts and many people have liked the song. They seem to like our ‘Tough Unni’ concept.”

She adds, “I feel good about our success and would like to continue to promote in China in the future.”

Meanwhile, Cube Entertainment artists such as 4Minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB and CLC are confirmed to perform at the concert.

In light of the recent Tianjin explosions which have killed hundreds of people, the Cube family has decided to donate some of the concert earnings in order to help the victims of the accident.

Jihyun shares, “It is for a good cause and we could all come together to perform at the concert, so we have decided to raise money for the victims.”

Concert organizer Yeom Gyu Suk of Butterfly Media also explains, “The Tianjin explosions happened when we were preparing for the concert. The artists expressed their desire to donate some of their earnings to charity. Naturally, we are helping them deliver assistance to the victims.”