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2PM revealed to have sued Director Han Sa Min for 50 million KRW for damages.

Legal insiders reveal that 2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment have sued the CEO of Dexter Lab Productions Han Sa Min for previously cutting off 2PM’s new music video filming one-sidedly which then resulted to 2PM’s comeback schedules to be changed.

JYP Entertainment reveals, “Dexter Lab’s director Han Sa Min have told us that he could not film the music video for the reason that an artist which he was related is promoting at the same time, and have one-sidely told us that he would be stopping productions four days before the filming.”

JYP Entertainment also reveals that because of the sudden change of the schedules, 2PM had to push back their schedules into two weeks.

The agency also explains, “Due to the irresponsible actions, the artists who had packed schedules in and out of Korea had to change a lot of things, from music video planning, music video filming schedule, album release and even the marketing PR plans.”

However, in response to the cancelled music video shoot, Director Han had said, “We did not made an official contract and we did not agree on the filming schedule as well.”

The court has also determined the two parties would be holding mediation, however the date has not been confirmed yet.

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