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2PM: Athletes and Musicians that are Hot around the RegionThe numerous endorsements the band is known for is but one of the things that has given K-Pop band 2PM a strong media presence. The Korean clothing line EXR was among the first, in 2009. Soon enough, they were called to help promote tourism in Thailand. In fact, 2PM is pretty well known in Thailand.The Nine Entertain Awards marked the first appearance of 2PM in Thailand, but their performance in February 2009 would not be their last there. They began promoting in the Thai market after they released their Thailand Special Edition album on June 25 of that year. Moreover, they appeared in Pattaya at the Pop Music Awards.They’re not only popular in Thailand and Korea. 2PM have a presence in both The Philippines and in Malaysia. However, it’s arguably been in Japan that they’ve enjoyed the largest amount of international popularity. At one point, the band boasted the top five slots on the Avex Group’s ring tone website Recochoku. A DVD by the group entitled Hottest enjoyed the number two spot on the Oricon charts. Fans have certainly wanted to hear this kind of good news about the group, considering that there had been a number of controversies surrounding Jaeboem’s departure from the group.Even if it were for their media presence and international fame, 2PM would still have a trump card in their hand. The athletics of the group are amazing, and this shows in their performance. Their concerts are a combination of acrobatics and song along with hot hip-hop moves. Every member has training in acrobatic maneuvers as well as song and dance. This combination makes for a very exciting show. In addition, many of the members have experience in some other facet of the performing arts. For instance, Changsung was in the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick before he joined the band.That’s not to say that the endorsements haven’t hurt, though. Nori For U was recorded to promote the Samsung Anycall NORi. They’ve also recorded a Christmas single for the Paris-Croissant Food Company’s Paris Baguette bakery franchise. As if to cement their status as stars, 2PM is featured along side Kim Tae-hee in commercials for that company.