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2AM members reunite for a V app broadcast in time for their 8th year anniversary.

On July 10, the four members of the JYP Entertainment ballad group 2AM have held a V app broadcast entitled “Homecoming Day.”

When Jinwoon introduces himself as the group’s maknae, Jo Kwon then points out, “Our maknae is 26.”

The members then catch up with each other and updates their fans about their individual activities.

Changmin then asks, “What is it like to do individual activities after being in a four-member team?”

Jo Kwon then answers, “The loneliness and things like that hit me during my downtime most especially since I have a lot of hoobaes right now.”

Jinwoon then says, “It has gotten more crowded for me since my solo album features a band.”

Jo Kwon also comments, “Singing 2AM songs on music shows along is really hard.”

In March of 2015, members Seulong and Jinwoon decided not to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment, while Changmin ended his contract in August of the same year. Jo Kwon then became the only member to stay with JYP Entertainment while the other members signed with other agencies.

Changmin signed with Big Hit Entertainment and continues to be a member of the duo Homme. Seulong, on the other hand, has signed with SidusHQ and released his solo debut. Jinwoon then signs with Mystic Entertainment and continues to pursue a career in acting. Jo Kwon then released his second solo album.

Meanwhile, despite the changes in their agencies, JYP Entertainment assures that it did not mean that 2AM has disbanded.