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A representative from JYP Entertainment revealed the agency’s thoughts about their girl group TWICE and the company’s future.

In a recent interview, the representative of the agency shared, “The first group under JYP’s new system is TWICE. This is only the beginning for TWICE. They still have a long way to go while remembering where they came from.”

He added, “The result were much better than what we have expected in the planning process.”

He explained that for TWICE, their debut song, “Like Ohh-Ahh,” and comeback songs, “Cheer Up” and “TT” were produced by the production team Black Eyed Pilsung. He also explained that it is a part of the new system where the opinions of JYP members are collected before they pick a title track, different from the tradition for JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Young to produce title tracks for each group’s debut.

The representative also talked about TWICE’s sales for the year by saying, “They are fourth behind 2PM, Suzy, and GOT7. TWICE represents a portion of the company’s increasingly diversified sales, and there is still room for them to improve in the future.”

With regards to the agency’s future plans, the JYP Entertainment representative shared, “JYP Entertainment’s system is still in the process of strengthening which is why there is still some unease. We are carefully preparing for the next year with various plans for TWICE and the rest of the agency’s artists.”

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