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Solo artist Ivy revealed her thoughts about joining a girl group in a recent interview.

On Ivy’s recent interview with Showbiz Korea, the singer talked about girl groups.

When asked if she ever dreamed of being in a girl group, Ivy shared, “First of all, when I earn money, I can keep that all by myself, can’t I? These days, girl groups have so much members, such as nine or ten. Don’t they share the whole profit? I should work hard and keep it all. Am I being too honest?”

She also added, “I think that if there are lots of members, there are probably girls that you get along with and girls that you do not get along with. I also think that among women, there would be envy and jealousy… My personality does not allow me to do well in those kinds of things. I heard of rumors. I also hear that there is a war for the center position among girl groups.”

Meanwhile, Ivy made her debut in 2005 with the track, “What Happened Tonight.” She is also known for her songs, “What Happened Tonight,” “I Am a Fool” “Highway Star” and “Sonata of Temptation.” Her last release was the 2013 track “I Dance” which features Wonder Girls rapper Yubin. Moreover, Ivy has appeared in the dramas, “Monstar,” “Tokyo Sun Shower,” “Banjun Drama” and “Nonstop 5.”

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