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Actress Nam Ji Hyun revealed her thoughts about her kiss scenes with co-actor Seo In Guk for the drama, “Shopping King Louie.”

During the actress’ recent interview, the actress explained that she had her first kiss with Kang Ha Neul for the drama “Angel Eyes” as child actors for the lead stars. She then shared that “Shopping King Louie” was different as it was her first time in playing the main lead and with an adult role.

She shared, “I felt like learning how to date. I was a child actress before, and they were not showing the whole love story. The feelings this time around was different. ‘Shopping King Louie’ showed the entire process from my first meeting with Louie and when we fell in love, up to when we completed our love. The love story was lovable and pretty. All the scenes of affection I experienced through the drama really made me happy.”

Nam Ji Hyun and Seo In Guk

When asked if she was burdened about the kiss scenes, Nam Ji Hyun replied, “I had not felt burdened with the kiss scenes. Both Seo In Guk and the director made the atmosphere comfortable for me. I also consulted them on how to make it look great. During the practice, we shared ideas and mulled over it. I was able to be comfortable when we were shooting. Seo In Guk has lots of ideas and is the type of person who presents his opinions in a forward way. He also has a lot of good sense. I think that is the reason why Bok Shil and Louie were cuter and more lovable.”


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