Home » DIA’s Chaeyeon denies getting special treatment from agency CEO

DIA and I.O.I member Chaeyeon addresses the issue of getting special treatment from MBK Entertainment CEO, Kim Kwang Soo.

On Chaeyeon’s recent interview, she revealed, “Definitely not. The CEO has never given me any particular comment or has given me any special treatment with regards to my singing on stage and acting. I think that all he does is to monitor me often, since not too long ago, he told me to fix my posture when I am acting.”

She added, “Also, he knows that I am quite busy these days, so he said to me, ‘Your schedule is also a mountain that you would have to surpass and overcome. You would have to go through tough situations.’ To be honest, I had been a bit sad, but hearing his words made me feel better.”

Chaeyeon also goes to share more stories about their CEO by saying, “When I was in Mnet’s ‘Produce 101,’ I asked him, ‘Why did you cast me?’ Back then, I did not know how to do anything and most of all, I was fat. But he responded that he liked the look in my eyes. He must have thought that I could do anything that I was told to do.”

Chaeyeon then revealed her thoughts about her agency by saying, “If I had not come across the company, I would be nothing now. That is why, I am thankful to the agency, and I am also fascinated by this. I understand that the things that other idols did while practicing for five years and feel like I did it in about a year. I had tough times during that period. However, I found methods to doing things so I wish that I could do even better next year.”