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Momoland reveal their thoughts about being compared to girl groups TWICE and I.O.I.

On the group’s recent debut showcase, they were asked about TWICE and I.O.I who also made their debut through a survival reality program. To this, Yeonwoo stated, “We are the newest girl group that came from a survival show. Before us, TWICE and I.O.I sunbaes displayed great work since the shows. We would also want to do our best to emulate their passion and work ethic.”

When asked about their group, Hyebin then shared, “As the name suggests, Momoland is a group that is like an amusement park. We prepared music which could be heard at an amusement park. Momoland will become a group which brings sounds that did not exist back then, and with different sound effects. We will be able to present various strengths since all of the seven members are unique.”

Meanwhile, the group was formed through the Mnet reality program, “Finding Momoland,” which was produced by Duble Kick Company. The group will be relasing their debut album, “Welcome to MOMOLAND” on November 10 and their title track will be produced by Duble Sidekick.

The group is comprised of members: Hye Bin, Yeon Woo, Na Yun, Joo E, Ah In, Nancy and Jane. They also made a successful crowdfunding effort through Makestar in order to finance their debut album, in which they were able to gather 193 percent of their required funding.


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