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April member Hyunjoo has been revealed to be leaving the girl group.

Last May, the April member took a hiatus from the group’s activities due to health issues. However, recently, her management agency, DSP Media, has revealed that she would no longer be a member of the group.

DSP Media revealed:

“Hello, this is DSP Media.

Our artist Lee Hyunjoo will be trying a new road not as an April member, but as an actress. She has left the girl group and will be pursuing a solo career.

Hyunjoo had taken a break due to health issues. She has recovered her health from the support and love that she got from fans.

During her break, Hyunjoo gave much thought about her career path and she has relayed her intention. We discussed her career path, and the label decided to honor her plan to become an actress.

In line to this, we are planning to add new members to the remaining April members. The group is preparing to release an album early next year.

We ask for the warm love to Hyunjoo, who would become an actress under our label, and to April, who would be having a new lineup.”

Following the news of Hyunjoo’s leave, fans speculate that “Produce 101” contestant Yoon Chae Kyung will be joining April since she has filled in for her during the group’s activities.

Meanwhile, in November of last year, April leader Somin has also left the group.

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