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INFINITE member Sunggyu jokingly complains about the way chefs from JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” treated him backstage.

On the show’s 100th episode, the INFINITE member appeared as a special guest.

During the show, he revealed, “I was here with Sunny of Girls’ Generation back then. After the filming, everyone only paid attention to Sunny. It was only chef Lee Yeon Bok who gave me his business card and said, ‘I know you are busy, but you should take care of yourself. Come to my restaurant, and I will cook delicious food.’ I was really grateful.”

Sunggyu adds, “I even took a photo with chef Choi Hyun Suk. But, he went right straight to Sunny and gave his business card. The chefs only care about a girl group member.”

In light of Sunggyu’s joking complaints, Chef Choi responded, “I plan to open up a restaurant soon. Please make sure to come.” MC Kim Sung Joo then jokingly reacts to the comment by saying, “Why don’t you say that after you have opened your restaurant?”

Meanwhile, Sunggyu also talked about his previous appearance by saying, “At that time, I was living with Hoya and Dongwoo. Since then, I moved out. To be honest, the rotten food in the refrigerator was not mine. They were owned by Dongwoo’s.”

He was then asked, “Is it true that everyone got their own place after the show since you guys fought?”

Sunggyu then responds, “No. We are totally fine. However, I felt bad after the show. After it had aired, my mom and members were sad for us.”