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Epik High member Tablo reveals his thoughts on love and dreams during his recent lecture.

On the recent “Youth Arena” cultural festival, Tablo appeared as a special guest and gave a lecture.

With regards to his thoughts on the similarities of love and dreams, Tablo shares, “We still use the word ‘love’ whenever we describe an unfulfilled love. However, why do we call an unfulfilled dream a failure?”

He adds, “I think that both of these things are what we could do with our hearts. There are times when I discover something which makes my heart beat faster and instead of thinking about it, I feel a confirmation in my heart, and it makes me think, ‘This is my dream. This is what I should dedicate my life to.’”

Tablo also shares, “Interestingly enough, love has little to do with the results. Even after experiencing a tragic love, we tend to see the good times whenever we look back. I think that it is centered around a process. Meanwhile, we tend to see dreams through a results-oriented view. Whenever we experience failure when pursuing a dream, we do not think about the process of our efforts.”

The Epik High member then explains, “I hope that everyone would be able to find their dreams the way that they find love. If your dreams do not go as expected, do not blame yourself for the result. Treat it just like love.”


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