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Girls’ Generation member Seohyun talks about how the group talks about their future.

On recent interview and photo shoot with @star1 magazine, Seohyun shares Girls’ Generation’s plans for the future and the differences of living the life as a celebrity.

She shares, “We treat each other like family members rather than just coworkers.”

The Girls’ Generation member also adds, “We talk a lot about our future. We always say that we will meet again with our children in twenty years. I really hope that it would happen like that in the future.”

When asked about the life of being a celebrity, Seohyun responds, “I have adapted to it. I am actually thankful. I think that it would be more humiliating if they did not recognize me. However, when they do not recognize me, I could walk around comfortably, so it is a good aspect.”

Seohyun was also asked about her airport fashion, to which she shares, “It makes me really nervous. That is why I almost always wear sunglasses. While it is used to look cool, I often wear it for covering purposes.”


Aside from her promotions with Girls’ Generation and its sub-unit TaeTiSeo, Seohyun has also ventured into acting. She is known for her role in the drama, “Passionate Love,” and  has recently appeared in the Korean drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,” as well as in the Chinese film, “So I Married An Anti-fan.” She would then be starring in the upcoming web drama “Canvas the Emperor.”


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