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Wassup member Nada reveals her struggles in the music industry.

During the latest broadcast of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar 3,” Nada talks about how she strives to make a living out of music.

When asked if she is able to make an income currently, Nada shares, “I am seriously a beggar right now. Wassup is not promoting which is why we could not receive any income.”

She also adds, “Out of all the members, I am the only one which makes the rap verses. As a result, I get songwriting and demo royalties. But, you know that when you stream once, you get like six won, I think?”

Nada further explains, “If we split that, it becomes zero-point-zero something won. So, I do not even get 100,000 won in my account.”

The interviewer then asks her as to what was the hardest thing that she had encountered so far, Nada responds, “Since my agency was not doing so well, there are lots of times when we could not properly get our styling and makeup done. We would even have to get to our schedules or the airport by using the bus or the subway train.”

Meanwhile, the girl group Wassup made their debut back in August of 2013 with a self-titled song. They are known for their songs, “Hotter Than A Summer,” “La Pam Pam Pa,” and “Stupid Liar.”

Check out Nada’s interview below:

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