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Actor Ryu Jun Yeol sends a message to the viewers of his latest drama “Lucky Romance.”

Recently, the actor has made a surprise Facebook live broadcast where he talks to his fans about his drama “Lucky Romance” which recently aired its last episode on July 14.

Ryu Jun Yeol says, “’Lucky Romance’ has wrapped up, and I just finished an interview. I am happy and sad at the same time now that I have to let go of Su Ho. I had so many interviews after ‘Reply 1988’ was finished, that is why it took me quite a while to let go of Jung Hwan. However, I am sad that the interview for ‘Lucky Romance’ was just one take. I hope that you guys would remember him for a long time.”

He also adds, “I will trust that you guys would remember Su Ho and let him go comfortably. If ever you meet me on the streets, please don’t be afraid to say, ‘hi.’ Stay happy and thank you very much for supporting ‘Lucky Romance.’ I was able to finish it well because of you.”


Ryu Jun Yeol then teases his fans by revealing the temporary title names of the next projects that he would be working on. He says, “My next movie is called ‘The King.’ Currently, I am filming ‘Taxi Driver.’ Please do not forget these two films. I hope that you would be patient and excited for it.”

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