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BIGBANG member Seungri apologizes after drawing criticisms following his alleged rude sleeping behavior on a train in China.

Previously, a netizen uploaded a photo of Seungri sleeping on a train along with the caption, Seungri is seen sleeping on a train without his shoes and socks. A lot are criticizing for putting his foot in the window of the train.”

Seungri Train

The said photo was taken when the BIGBANG member was commuting from Xuzhou to Shanghai for a show recording.

The photo received a mixed response from netizens. While some criticized him for showing an impolite behavior, some have also defended Seungri saying that he only made such action since he was really tired. Some have also criticized the person who took the photo for invading the BIGBANG member’s privacy, while some have also pointed out that he is a public figure.

In response to the criticisms, Seungri writes on his Weibo account, “I apologize for how I behave on the train. Every day, I am regretting it. From now on, I would be more careful. I feel like I have let so many people down, and I am very sorry. I will make sure that nothing like this would happen in the future. I would work harder in order to give back for all of your love and support.”

Meanwhile, Seungri is set to make his Japanese film debut with “High & Low: The Movie.” It would be premiering in theaters this month.


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