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Actress Seo Shin Ae reveals her thoughts about overcoming her child actress image.

On a recent photo shoot and interview with International bnt, Seo Shin Ae talks about growing up as a child actress by saying, “I am always being compared and it make me work harder since I do not like being compared to others.”

She adds, “I am still not good enough when it comes to acting. Currently, I am at the awkward stage where I could not label myself as a child actress or an adult. I think that the only thing I could do is to overcome this tough phase and perform better.”

Seo Shin Ae then talks about the hardships of having a child actress imag. She goes to explain, “There are some people who think that I am still young. Two years ago, there were people thinking that I am still an elementary school student. At that time, I was so shocked. I really wanted to get rid of my child actress image as soon as possible. However, I realized that I could not mature overnight. I will have to try roles that suit me and show my new image at a suitable pace.”

Meanwhile, actress Seo Shin Ae is known for her roles in the dramas “Thank You,” “Glory of Youth,” “High Kick Through the Roof” and “Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho.” She is also known for her roles in the films “Wonderful Nightmare,” “My Love, My Bride” and “Yona Yona Penguin.”

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