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MOT member eAeon reveals his thoughts about the recent BTS misogyny controversy.

Recently, BTS and their management Big Hit Entertainment has been under fire due to accusations of misogynistic lyrics on the group’s songs.

With regards to this issue, MOT’s eAeon took to his Twitter account to reveal his thoughts.

He posts:

1. Recently, Rap Monster and I met and had a long and serious talk with regards to the issue of misogyny. He felt ashamed and guilty because of the controversy and told me that he is stressed out and was unable to sleep well because of it.

2. I told him that misogyny is a not a label of stigma which could not be erased. It is more like an obstacle in the right path which could exist within anyone. Instead of feeling like it is unfair or painful, it is a matter of deciding to fix it or not.

3. I also talked about how I am also in the process of continuously fixing myself whenever I discover something which I am lacking. Rap Monster listened to me attentively and understood it better than anyone I talked to about it.

4. I am glad and relieved after I saw Big Hit Entertainment’s statement. I think that the members and the company are moving together in a proper direction. What is more important is not the past or current location, but on what direction one is moving to.”


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