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Kim So Hee, one of the contestants of “Produce 101,” shares her thoughts on the Mnet survival program through her photo shoot and interview with “International bnt.”

When she was asked about the most difficult part while being on “Produce 101,” Kim So Hee reveals, “It was the hardest when I had to complete a mission within a day. I am a bit slow when it comes to learning which is why it was a bit hard for me to follow along the others’ speed. Moreover, seeing that there were a lot of fights for the center and main vocalist spot among the girls, it was no joke. I lost in the fight. When I had a tough time, I often leaned on Jung Chayeon. She was a friend whom I could relay my thoughts and concerns.”

With regards to not being able to get into the final line-up for I.O.I, she responds, “I was really happy seeing the other girls, who worked hard with me, succeeding. Although the result was disappointing, I do believe that my skills are still lacking for me to become one of the 11 members.”

Kim So Hee also reveals which members she wanted to be like by saying, “Jeon So Mi is someone who really gives off a celebrity feel even when she is just standing still. I wanted to follow Choi Yoo Jung’s charisma on stage, which is why I watched her ‘Bang Bang’ stage for a lot of times.”

Kim So Hee International bnt

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