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SEVENTEEN members talk about their first music show win and their choreography for recent track “Pretty U.”

Vernon reveals, “We are glad that we won. To be honest, it was really hard to believe that we were even nominated. We thought that we would just go up on the stage at the end and great our fans and come down again since our seniors would get the trophy. However, our song came on, and we were shocked.”

When asked if they felt regret at not getting more wins, the group responds, “It is enough to win once. We even cried. We are proud that ‘Pretty U’ had great feedback and that the sound of the cheers got louder. We have gained confidence and gratitude, and we would want to work harder to pay back all the love that we have received.”

DK then reveals, “I remember a comment which a fan said. It said that our music could always be trusted and complimented our album songs as our title track.”

With regards to their prop-heavy choreography for “Pretty U,” Joshua shares, “During the first day of practice, I thought that it was amazing. It was very dramatic to use the sofa in that way. It is still choreography. However Hoshi put a little bit of acting on it and it became fun.”

Hoshi then responds, “When we were making choreography, I was thinking about what it was that only SEVENTEEN could do. Since there were so many members, I thought that we could do this sort of thing. It was our first time to use props, so I am glad that people liked it.”


Watch SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U”choreography below and tell us your thoughts!