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No doubt that Jessica Jung’s solo debut is one of the most anticipated debuts for this year.

Since her controversial leave from Girls’ Generation, fans out there are looking forward to Jessica’s solo career.

And so, when she revealed that she would be making her solo debut, fans are excited to see what she can bring to the table.

Let’s take a deeper look at Jessica’s “Fly” music video, shall we?


The video starts with Jessica being stuck in a desert. While reading a book, she comes across a postcard showing a photo of a ‘Snow Wonderland.’

Jessica Fly mv review 1

After seeing that postcard, Jessica dreams of being able to witness winter, but she is still stuck in the desert. She tries to have her very own ‘winter wonderland’ but fails.

Jessica Fly mv review 3She finally decides to go out. She packs her things and leaves the desert. And then, we see another Jessica, who is very carefree. She carries with her a snow globe and puts it inside the mailbox of her other self.

The Jessica (wearing black) is trying to help out her other self. She is telling her that there is another place out there, all she needs to do is to go for it.

Jessica Fly mv review 4The other Jessica sees her mailbox and opens it. She then receives the snow globe from her other self.

She decides to leave and follow her dream.

Jessica Fly mv review 6

Take a look at Jessica’s “Fly” below and tell us your thoughts and interpretations below.