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Indie duo 10cm decides to pull an April Fool’s Day prank for their new song “What the Spring??

Recently, the duo has released teasers for their new single supposedly called “Spring Is Great.” They also shared a video in which Kwon Jung Yeol reveals, “This is our first ever spring-themed track, or what people call ‘Spring Carol.’ It is all about love, nervousness and excitement and it is a sweet love song. I hope you would all like it.”

On April 1, the duo then released their single, however, instead of the title being “Spring Is Great,” the actual title of their new song was revealed to be “What The Spring??” And instead of being a sweet love song, the song actually calls out spring fling couples having fleeting and shallow relationships.

During their radio guesting on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon,” Kwon Jung Yeol then reveals that it was a song for people who are single and left out during the romantic season. He also talks about their prank by saying, “We thought that it would be even more meaningful if we do some fake promoting to go along with April Fool’s Day. We really worked hard to promote it with our team, however, we are sorry to say that it was all lies.”

Moreover, the duo reveals that their record label did not know about the prank as well. They joked, “We are scared since our boss is probably going to yell at us. Which is why we are hiding here at the broadcasting station.”

Check out 10cm’s “What The Spring??” below!