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The first day of April is here and it means that it is time for some pranks and jokes!

People from all over the world celebrate April Fool’s Day on April 1 by playing pranks and jokes, and our K-pop idols also do the same!

Let us check out some of the best K-pop April Fool’s Day pranks and jokes made by our favorite idols which really fooled us!


Bangtan Girls

On the official fancafe of Bangtan Boys, the boys turned into girls in their fancafe layout!



Toddler Top

The boys of Teen Top made a funny and cute prank by changing all of their profile photos on Twitter with their childhood photos!

Teen Top - K-pop April Fool’s Day Pranks

Vampire Lee Hongki

F.T. Island member Lee Hongki made a post on his Twitter account saying, “F.T. Island has decided to break up today. Thank you for the love you showed us all this time.”

He also adds, “And to be honest, I am a vampire.” Along with the post is a photo of him looking just like a vampire!

Lee Hong Ki - Vampire - BTS Girls - K-pop April Fool’s Day Pranks

Dal Shabet’s new choreography

The members of Dal Shabet posted a teaser video titled ‘New Album Preview’ for their so-called upcoming comeback. While fans are excited to get a sneak peak of their choreography, they find out that the girls of Dal Shabet are dancing to the popular nursery rhyme ‘Three Little Bears’ instead!



What are your thoughts on these April Fool’s Day pranks?

Which prank was your favorite?

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