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Comedienne Jung Joo Ri reveals the reason why she immediately returned to work after giving birth.

On the recent broadcast of tvN talk show “Taxi,” Jung Joo Ri, pop artist Nancy Lang and actress Lee Se Young appeared as special guests for their “Women With Beautiful Rear View, Spring Special” episode.

During the broadcast, Jung Joo Ri explains the reason why she returned to work after only 40 days after giving birth to her first child. She reveals, “My friends were worried about me since I came back to work so soon after giving birth.”

She continues, “While I was taking some time off, I got anxious that all of my friends have became very successful. Comediennes Lee Guk Joo, Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeon are my friends.”

Jung Joo Ri also adds, “While I was in the beginning stage of my pregnancy, Lee Guk Joo have made enough money in order to purchase a building. Then, when I was preparing to go into labor, Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeon both became very successful. Park Na Rae has even paid off her loans. Meanwhile, I piled on more debt.”

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Meanwhile, Jung Joo Ri has tied the knot with her longtime non celebrity boyfriend of seven years last May of 2015. The couple then welcomed their first baby boy last December of 2015.

The comedienne, Jung Joo Ri, is known for appearing on the variety shows, “Comedy Big League,” “Star Golden Bell,” “Infinity Girls,” “Sunday Night,” “Queen of Beauty” and more.