Home » ‘2014 MBC Entertainment Awards’ drop names of the MCs, new grand prize winner selection process, & ‘Best Couple’/’Best Variety Show’ nominees


There will be a whole new direction regarding the awaited awards ceremony this year as per the announcement of 2014 MBC Entertainment Award.

The three host for the great event are Kim Sung, ZE:A’s Hyungsik and Kim Sung Ryeong, who are in their exemplary skills of hosting will give a smooth transition on various performances of the artists.

The nominees for BEST COUPLE AWARD  and BEST VARIETY SHOW have been revealed for the fans to cast their votes.

The nominees for Best Couple Award are “WE GOT MARRIED” couples played by SONG JAE RIM and KIM SOO EUN, HONG JONG HYUN and YURA, and NAM GOONG MIN and HONG JIN YOUNG. Moreover, bromance couples are also included in this category such as HENRY AND PARK GUN HYUNG, SEONG SI KYUNG AND KIM SUNG RYEONG.

Furthermore, nominees for :BEST VARIETY SHOW are ‘I Live Alone’, ‘Infinity Challenge’, ‘Quiz to Change the World’, ‘We Got Married’, ‘Dad! Where Are You Going’, ‘Real Men’, and ‘Radio Star’.

However, the winners will be through the power of the audience from  text votes and online voting to increase the overall viewer experience.

The announcement of the nominees  for the  grand prize will be at the start of the airing time and  the individual winner for the grand prize as the best entertainer will be the one who  will receive the highest votes purely from text votes and online  votes from the start of the show up to the end.

This new system will be implemented first of its kind here , that the winner will be from text and  votes from the viewers only.

This exciting event of MBC Entertainment will be on Dec 29 at 8:55 KST.