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Actors Park Bo Gum and Ryu Jun Yeol talk about their families on the latest broadcast of tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers” which lead to Park Bo Gum bursting into tears.

On the latest episode, Park Bo Gum followed Ryu Jun Yeol and had a heart-to-heart conversation with him regarding their own families.

Ryu Jun Yeol shares to Park Bo Gum, “I asked my father about what he wants to do if he earned a lot of money. He told me that he wants to repay all of his debts.”

Park Bo Gum then asks him, “By any chance, do you have a family picture at your home?”

He adds while tears from his eyes are falling, “There is no family picture in my house.”

After hearing Park Bo Gum’s tearful and sad confession, Ryu Jun Yeol tells him, “You should take a family picture when you go back to Korea. I will pay for it.”

Park Bo Gum 3

Meanwhile, on the following one-on-one interview with the production crew, Park Bo Gum then further reveals, “I feel like the memories when I was still young was unable to remain.”

He explains while bursting into tears, “My mother only took photos of me while growing up. I actually had almost nothing which shows my mother. I feel like we were unable to secure memories like that, which is why I think it is a shame.”


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