Home » Dal Shabet reveal their honest thoughts on never winning first place on music shows

On an interview with media outlet Newsen, the Dal Shabet members reveal their thoughts on never winning first place on music shows despite being active in the industry for many years.

Ahyoung reveals, “Being first place on music shows, of course… I want it so badly. Back then, I did not think about getting first place. I was really happy whenever other singers get first place as if we were the ones who promoted the song. But, I did feel like my pride was getting hurt starting with the ‘Joker’ promotions. In interviews that we had, they would ask about our promise if we get first place, at times, there seemed to be no meaning behind the promise.”

Woohee then adds, “I thought that our being active for a long time was a success. It is a success. But, there is a feeling that we need to get number one no matter what, right? Honestly, we want to promote for a long time and since we hear a lot of talks about ‘first place,’ we feel anxious. It feels like first place has become an indicator of success.”

Subin also shares, “Even if another group gets first instead of us, I think that I would faint. I need to prepare an ambulance beforehand.”

Ahyoung also adds, “I got choked up when Girl’s Day got first place. I know that they went through a hard time, I was happy like it was personal for me and I was also jealous. I want us to have that moment as well.”