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The father GOT7 member Mark calls out Taiwanese born singer Huang An for allegedly starting the controversy of TWICE’s Tzuyu’s nationality.

Previously, the TWICE member has been involved in a controversy regarding her nationality after waving a Taiwan flag on “My Little Television,” causing her to apologize regarding the incident after being criticized by Chinese netizens.

Huang An was said to have accused Tzuyu of promoting Taiwanese independence and have allegedly accused pro-independent Taiwanse cable TV network, Sanlih E-Television of being behind Tzuyu since the channel is supporting her for her actions.

Netizens claim that Huang An was the source of the entire controversy after his remarks quickly spread throughout China making the issue grow bigger, enough to make it into the international headlines.

On January 17, Raymond Tuan, the father of GOT7 member Mark Tuan, has publicly condemned Huang An through his Twitter account and has showed his support for Tzuyu.

Raymond Tuan writes, “This Huang An whose mouth is full of shit just like a crazy dog. He keeps on telling nonsense and causes all kinds of hurt! Tzuyu, be strong! Fighthing! Be composed! I really feel upset for Tzuyu, she is only 16 but has to face such accusations! Everyone, please do not believe his nonsense, return to the harmonious and loving environment and enjoy the good things of this world!”

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