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Korean-American entertainer Amy revealed to have been order to depart for Guam by December 30 this year.

Recently, a news media outlet has reported that the immigration office had ordered Amy to go to Guam at the end of the year. Amy had previously planned to stay in China following her deportation case from South Korea instead of returning to the United States.

However, the Immigration Control Law reveals that Amy would be deported to Guam because of her American nationality.

Following the deportation reports, the Immigration office reveals, “Plans to move to another country following deportation should be organized according to the laws of the country in question.”

The celebrity was previously caught using abusing the drug Zolpidem. She was then ordered to leave South Korea by March of 2015, however she has decided to appeal the court’s decision. Last November, the judge has dismissed her appeal, she had no choice but to comply with the order and has planned to go to China despite not knowing anything with regards to living in China. She has also revealed in an interview that despite not knowing any Chinese word, Amy plans to learn the language little by little and be able to adjust to the lifestyle in there.

Moreover, she plans to restore her honor by going to China, a country which is strict on drug laws. However, it seems that it may not be the case as the court has now ordered her to go to Guam instead.


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