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TVXQ and JYJ fans have started a petition against the similar lightstick color of rookie group iKON.

It seems that the matter with iKON’s lightstick color is not yet over as TVXQ and JYJ fans have started a petition.

Previously, Shinhwa members Eric and Junjin have revealed their thoughts regarding their fandom color and have asked junior groups to refrain from using orange as it has been associated with Shinhwa since their debut.

iKON’s lightstick called ‘Konbat’ appears to be orange but turns pearl red when turned on, which is the official fandom color of TVXQ and JYJ.

konbatBecause of this, during the end of the year music awards, iKON fans have been mistaken as TVXQ and JYJ fans because of their similar lightstick colors.

In response to the issue, TVXQ and JYJ fans made a petition against the lightstick color of iKON through change.org. Currently, the petition has reached over 23,000 signs. It is said that when it reaches 25,000 sings, the petition would then be passed on to iKON’s management agency YG Entertainment along with a letter from a fan club.

Fan clubs Cassiopeia and Bigeast would then be requesting YG Entertainment to refrain from using pearl red as iKON’s fandom color. Moreover, they hope that the group would be able to take on a ‘shade of color which would be a part of iKON’s own identity.’

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