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Voice actress and TV personality Seo Yuri shared a story as to how she met Super Junior Kyuhyun five years ago in Spain before her debut.

On the recent broadcast of “Radio Star,” Seo Yuri revealed, “5 years before, I met Kyuhyun in Spain at a Korean bed and breakfast place. One day, this guy walks in, and my friend says, ‘I think that he is a celebrity’ and I told her, ‘Why would a celebrity come to a bed and breakfast place?’”

She added, “After looking at him for a while, we realized that he was a celebrity. We drank wine together all night.”

The MCs then made fun of Kyuhyun for trying to pick up girls, to which he explained, “I stayed there for a total of 3 nights, and I just stayed in my room at night and drank alone. On the last night, one of the guests invited me to drink with him and other Koreans so I joined them.”


Seo Yuri then commented, “I was impressed to see him at a humble bed and breakfast since he seemed like he would only stay at nice hotels.”

The female star then added, “However, we did exchange phone numbers,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Seo Yuri is known for being a cast member of the variety shows, “Saturday Night Live Korea,” “My Little Television” and “Code: Secret Room.”


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