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Running Man” PD Im Hyung Taek talks about the future of the show and its current ratings.

With regards to the show’s need for change, Im Hyung Taek reveals, “From my perspective, ‘Running Man’ has changed a lot compared to two to four years ago. Only time could tell as to whether it is going on the right or wrong direction.”

He adds, “I get taken aback whenever I tell the members to rip off each other’s name tags since they all know each other very well now. The cast and I agree that they would need to be thrown into unfamiliar environments.”

The PD then explained about how he stopped worrying about viewer ratings. Im Hyung Taek reveals, “The goal is to create quality. This week’s broadcast is a special mission which aims to investigate a mystery. But, there is a limiting factor on the episode. You could not tune into the show in the middle of its peak, which is why viewers could not just jump right into the broadcast. They would rather watch it from the beginning in a rerun.”


Im Hyung Taek further reveals that the declining viewership is a blessing and a curse. He believes that if the show is comprised of games, it would be easy for viewers to jump into the middle of it, thus resulting to higher ratings. He also adds, “It is no fun when you do that since its repeating the same thing. They could stop watching as quickly as they started watching. Which is why I want to raise the quality of show.”


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