Home » Red Velvet to comeback with an S.E.S Remake!

red-velvet_1412659628_redvelvetThe newest kpop girl group from SM Entertainment that debuted with not much promotional teasers but gain rocket popularity is here again in another shocking yet anticipating comeback! It’s not just the same old way of comebacks from kpop groups but this time they will be doing a remake of one of the past artist from SM Entertainment, the famous S.E.S!


Be Natural” will be released next week as a digital single for their latest comeback which was also performed before by Irene and Seulgi when they haven’t debuted and was uploaded on the SMROOKIES Youtube Channel.

Here is the clip of Irene and Seulgi’s cover:


The photo that was released as a teaser with the group makes a hint that they will be on a different concept. Like a mature ladies now unlike their debut promotions in which they had a cute colorful concept. Do you think they can give justice to the song?

The release of the single is set on October 13!