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Rainbow member Hyunyoung revealed that “Eye Contact” is not about her boyfriend Clazziquai’s Alex.

On February 15, Rainbow held an opening showcase for their fourth mini album “PRISM.”

When the members have revealed that their maknae Hyunyoung had written a song which was included in their album, Hyunyoung then goes to reveal what it was about.

She reveals, “We do not release songs one after another like most groups, so we have had a lot of hiatuses. I was wondering about what I should do in my spare time, so I decided to learn song writing about two to three years ago.”

Hyunyoung also adds, “I showed the song to my members and they liked it, thus we ended up adding it in the album.”

MC of the event Kim Saeng Min then asks her, “The song seems to be about love, and aren’t you currently in a relationship?”

Member Jaekyung comments, “It is about cheating though.” Hyunyoung then clarifies, “It’s only a song. Nothing more.”

Their comeback song “Whoo” marks their first comeback since a year of hiatus. Their latest release was last February of 2015 with the track “Black Swan.”

Meanwhile, Rainbow’s new mini album contains six songs, including the title dance track “Whoo”, the ballad track “Things I Want to Tell You”, “Black&White,” “Click,” “Eye Contact” and “Whoo (Instrumental version).”

Listen to Rainbow’s “Eye Contact” below!


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