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KBS drama “Moorim School” reported to have temporarily halted production due to internal conflict.

A representative reveals that the production for the drama has been halted temporarily.

It has been said that production company JS Pictures and broadcasting company KBS have a disagreement regarding the production fees as well as the number of episodes it is supposed to have.

JS Pictures and KBS have been reported to have different opinions with regards to how much KBS should pay JS for the production fees of “Moorim School.” Moreover, KBS have suggested to have the episodes of the drama to be cut into 16 episodes instead of the originally planned 20 episodes.

Moorim School 2

KBS was also said to be initially skeptical with regards to the plan for “Moorim School.” However, as the ratings have not been great, they have made the early decision to cut the number of episodes for the drama.

Following the conflict, JS Pictures have asked KBS for a pay increase, however they responded by saying that they could not give more than what was originally planned.

So far, only four episodes of “Moorim School” have aired and as of January 23, 8 episodes have already been filmed. Meanwhile, the script of the drama is said to have been written until episode 13 so far.

The drama stars Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Ye Ji and Hong Bin.


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