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The “JYJ bill,” which prohibits third parties from blacklisting certain individuals or groups from appearing on television, has been passed by the National Assembly.

The amendment prohibits the broadcasting companies from preventing the appearances of celebrities on a program because of a third party’s request which is unrelated to the production of a show, or because of a request that comes from a third party despite a certain celebrity or group is legally cleared to appear on a show.

The amendment also states that if a broadcasting company violates this policy, the Korea Communications Commission would be able to issue a corrective order or be able to charge a fine up two percent of the company’s sales.

Assemblywoman Choi Min Hee says, “With this law, the rights of artists such as JYJ whose TV appearances have been interfered with as well as the rights of the fans who would like to see these artists on television are guaranteed.”

JYJ’s management agency C-Jes Entertainment also reveals, “We have fought with the unfair conditions for seven years, and we are thankful that we were not alone in opposing it. We hope that with this amendment, the unjust actions would no longer occur in the entertainment industry.”

Previously, JYJ fans have protested regarding the prevention of the group to appear on television programs, however, producers of the said programs have denied the accusations.

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