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2AM member Jo Kwon reveals that he is one with his group 2AM.

On February 15, the 2AM member held a showcase at Sogang University in Seoul for his second mini-album “Crosswalk.”

During the showcase, he introduced himself as 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Upon hearing Jo Kwon’s introduction, a reporter then asked for clarification to which he responded by saying, “2AM and I are one. I started my career in music with 2AM and I would end it would 2AM.”

He added, “I introduced myself as 2AM’s Jo Kwon when I released my first solo album. I have spent eight years as a trainee. After a long time, I met 2AM and they are a gift to me.”

Jo Kwon also reveals the thoughts of the other members with regards to his songs by saying, “The 2AM members told me that they liked my songs. Jinwoon even wanted to come here at the showcase, however, he could not make it due to his drama filming.” He adds, “I am very thankful for their politeness.”

Meanwhile, since the leave of the other 2AM members from JYP Entertainment, Jo Kwon was the only one who have remained under the agency. He released his song “Crosswalk” at February 15 which also features EXO’s Suho at the music video.


Watch Jo Kwon’s “Crosswalk” music video below!


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