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JinuSean’s Sean gives his praise to BIGBANG member Seungri for doing charity work with him.

Previously, YG Entertainment labelmates Sean and Seungri have been revealed to have made a charity work at the end of the year by donating and personally handing out coal briquettes in order to keep people warm by the winter season. Sean headed the briquette donation in Seoul and Seungri joined. The BIGBANG member originally promised to give out 30,000 coal briquettes but has added 100,000 more.

Seungri then shares a photo during their charity work while holding a sign which reads, “Making a warm South Korea. Sean and Seungri. Seoul Briquette Bank.”

SeungriOn December 30, Sean then posts a photo of him and Seungri on his Instagram account along with the caption, “Seungri, who was the youngest member preparing for BIGBANG 10 years ago, has no become a fine adult who knows how to return the love he has received by sharing it with people who need it.”

Sean and SeungriHe adds, “I was really surprised and grateful when he said that he would be giving out 30,000 briquettes. However, I was more touched when he said that he would personally give out 100,000 more. BIGBANG did really great this year and I hope that they are more healthy and amazing in 2016. I would do my best to support you! Seungri, fighting!”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG would then be heading to Osaka, Japan for their Dome Tour on January 9 following their appearances on the end of the year music awards.


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